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Monday, February 14, 2005
Scott McClellan just delivered an irony bonanza in the daily WH presser, saying, and I paraphrase:

"The people of Lebanon deserve the chance to choose their leaders, free from foreign occupation."

McClellan was responding to the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister, billionaire businessman Rafik Hariri, who died along with nine others in a massive bombing in Lebanon.
(BBC version)

Speaking of choosing leaders under foreign occupation, the votes are in in Iraq, and it's official: The U.S. has midwifed a second Iran. The Shia party backed by Iranian Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani won just under half the votes, with the Kurdish slate taking about 25 percent and our boy Allawi's secular shia slate coming in a distant third. Of course, that doesn't mean Allawi won't have a role the new government. Incidentally, our former client Ahmed Chalabi might be on the comeback trail, too...

On the Grammys: it actually was a pretty decent show. Jamie Foxx and Alicia Keys brought the house down, all the good acts got a little somethin'-somethin' (Keys, Usher, U2, John Mayer and that snotty little Kanye West -- who also gets the award for least gracious nominee, with his scowling and bitching after losing Best New Artist to Maroon 5 and his speech after winning the rap award -- "everybody kept askin' what I'd do if I didn't win ... I guess we'll never know!") and the late, great Ray Charles got lots of love. Love the fact that Loretta Lynn and Jack White took home a trophy, too!

Oh, yeah, and let's not forget, Big Bill took home the gold as well, scoring a second Grammy for the recorded version of his presidential autobiography, "My Life." Love that!
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