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Monday, March 14, 2005
See, this is what the news media does... they grab onto a story, and then they milk the hell out of it until you just want to shoot yourself because you really can't take it anymore.

Take the case of the woman held hostage by the Atlanta courthouse shooter, I think his name is Nichols. We have now spent an entire weekend hearing her story over and over and over again on the cable news networks and on the websites of the major newspaper and other outlets, to be interrupted only by ad nauseum redux on the shooter. When will it stop?

Only when Michael Jackson does something crazy.

Aren't there other dastardly, one-off shootings to attend to? How about that Wisconsin guy who emptied his gun into a hotel church meeting, apparently because he was displeased by an earlier sermon? Nah, too many oppotunities to step on the delicate sensibilities of religious end-times believers...

No, the Georgia shooting case has one important element the other various shootings around the country lack: it can be tied editorially to another sensational case, namely the murders of the mother and husband of a federal judge in Chicago.

Call it theme development on American television news 101. And of course, there's nothing else newsworthy to talk about, right? Nothing like, say, Islamist terrorist Abu al-Zarqawi plotting to attack inside the United States....?

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