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Friday, March 25, 2005
Shopping for venues ... and icons
This desperate court-shopping on the part of the Schindlers and their attorneys is becoming obscene. The Schiavos are headed back to an appeals court -- the same appeals court that rejected their claims less than 72 hours ago -- to appeal a ruling by the same federal judge who has now been forced to rule against them twice. (They've also had two bites at the Supreme Court apple). Question for the legal minds in the blogovers: How many times can a plaintiff return to the same court, essentially making the same argument, and having it rejected, before the suits are summarily dismissed as frivolous?

Meanwhile, this case is taking on all the sickening religious iconography that eventually turned the Elian Gonzalez saga not only into bad theater, but also into a religious movement (see here also, for a more academic account) The "Palm Sunday compromise," (a term coined by the Tom Delay press office, by the way,) the Easter Week deathwatch, and now Gov. Jeb Bush compared to Pontius Pilate by the Schindlers' overwrought supporters... (only question is, if Terri Schiavo -- and not the Pope??? -- is Jesus on the cross, who is Barabas? Tom Delay, perhaps...?)


...A pro-life group called Crossroads agrees that Gov. Bush has done a great deal on Terri's behalf."But how will history remember him if Terri dies? Likely, as a weak, moral coward, who did not have the courage to save a helpless, dying woman from those who so vehemently wished to take her life," the group said in a press release.

Crossroad noted that nearly 2000 years ago this week, Pontius Pilate "stood by and did nothing in the face of determined evil as it took the life" of one innocent man.

"Pilate simply lacked the moral courage that is occasionally demanded of one who governs, Crossroads said.The group said Pilate was not filled with hate -- but in the end, he "chose not to risk his office to save the 'insignificant' [Christ]."

Crossroads said Bush must (ask) himself, "Is one helpless woman's life worth my political career?'""As of this writing, the tribunals have spoken against an innocent, helpless woman, and an angry, hate-filled mob has gathered to mock and ridicule those praying for a miracle near to where Terri Schiavo lies in her fatal agony," Crossroad said."And her mother, Mary, must suffer the contempt of those who are determined to see her child unjustly condemned to death. Now it is in the hands of the governor, the man who will ultimately choose either to wield the temporal powers of his office to save innocent life, or 'wash his hands' of her."

Jeb Bush said on Thursday he understands that people are "acting on their heart, and I fully appreciate their sentiments and the emotions that go with this."But, he added, "I've consistently said that I cannot go beyond what my powers are - and I'm not going to do it."

Schiavo is also being linked to the Pope in the minds of some Catholics:

From the Guardian today:

As Christians reflect on Jesus' death this solemn Good Friday, some also are giving special attention to Terri Schiavo - particularly Roman Catholics who count Schiavo as one of their own, and whose church has been increasingly vocal this week in calling for the reinsertion of a feeding tube into the brain-damaged Florida woman.

Eternal Word Television Network, an Alabama-based Catholic cable service that reaches more than 100 million homes worldwide, is interrupting previously scheduled sacred programs for a Friday evening broadcast that expects to treat the Schiavo case through interviews with a family member and a neurologist.

News Director Raymond Arroyo said the network's ``extraordinary'' programming switch was driven by the public outpouring of concern over both Schiavo's plight and the frail health of Pope John Paul II.

``You have a collusion of events that I think only the spiritually blind would ignore,'' Arroyo said. ``It's not hard to see the similarities between the pope and what Terri Schiavo is going through, to some extent, and the sufferings of Christ that we commemorate Good Friday.''

And you thought this was just about the heartless exploitation of a dying woman and the perversion of her final days into public, political theater...

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