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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
20 questions
20 things to think about ...
1. Are the Van Gundy brothers the new Williams sisters?
2. Why would Phil Jackson ever consider reuniting with spoiled rotten Kobe and the Lakers?
3. Is there anything scarier than the thought of a U.S. military academy becoming an evangelical Christian cult?
4. When is the media going to finally call out the Bush administration for completely screwing up the war on terror?
5. Worse, has Bush's insistence on invading Iraq despite the lack of any compelling reason to do so actually increased the risk of the United States coming under attack by either terrorists, or even conventional means, by leaving our military undermanned and overstretched?
6. If it is time to review the "don't ask, don't tell" policy in order to solve part of the military recruiting problem, what do you do about the very real privacy (group shower, fraternization, etc.) and unit cohesion issues? And shouldn't the media call the pro open service advocates on that?
7. If the Bush administration and it's "allies" in Europe cannot pressure Iran or North Korea to give up their nuclear ambitions, is that a failure on the part of the administration, or an illustration of the reality that no country, and no superpower, can really put the brakes on the nuclear train?
8. Does anybody really believe Michael Jackson's ex was telling the truth when she gushed about the King of Pop on the witness stand? If you were fighting a custody battle with this guy, would you trash him at his child molestation trial?
9. Why should the Democrats lift a finger to help Bush "fix" Social Security? Is there any incentive at all in offering a plan that will only become fodder for the next Club for Growth commercial?
10. How much lower do Bush's approval ratings have to go before the major media stop kissing his ass? On that note, is there any room left on Laura Bush's ass for the press folk to smooch?
11. Could Tony Blair really be the one to go down for Bush's war, even after Bush himself, Australia's Howard and Italy's Berlusconi survived?
12. And how is it that the same media types who were declaring Bush invicible a couple of months ago can now say, with equal conviction, that he's in trouble?
13. Instead of fighting to force a 13-year-old girl in state custody to give birth, shouldn't the state of Florida be investigating how a child in the custody of the state got pregnant in the first place?
14. Am I the only Democrat who finds Ed Schultz annoying?
15. ... and "The Majority Report" unbearable?
16. When will the media's silly, pandering, faith obsession end? It's one thing to cover stories regarding religion with more context, it's quite another to shamelessly hawk religion stories every friggin minute.
17. Does Joe Scarborough really believe anything he says? When he's on panels with matthes, Fineman et. al, he has real lucid moments. But his show and Web rantings are pure "play the right wing guy role" product.
18. If we're going to handcuff 5-year-old Black girls, why is there even a question about arresting that screwball Georgia bride?
19. ...and on the same note, do you smell a plot twist coming? What would cause an otherwise normal seeming woman to run -- not just quit the wedding, but to fake her own disappearance -- away from her wedding to a prominent member of a prominent, wealthy family? Media to commence digging into the jilted groom in three ... two ... one...
20. What do Democrats not get about Republicans? Answer: everything (and hopefully that's the last thing I'll be posting about Larua Bush...)
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