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Thursday, May 12, 2005
And now, the news...
Two weeks after the story broke in the UK, the American press is finally catching up with the story of secret memos which reveal Tony Blair's compact with George W. Bush in the summer of 2002 to invade Iraq, and to "shape the intelligence" around the policy in order to make it happen. The scoop by the Times of London probably contributed to Tony Blair's slashed majority in parliament last week, given the British public's sharp distaste for the war. But the story made hardly a dent in the United States.

The LA Times frames the story exactly backward in the opening paragraph of a front-page story today, suggesting the story has quickly gone away in England, while erupting like wildfire on this side of the pond. Well I'm not sure I'm confident in the LAT's ability to spot wildfire, but otherwise gives a complete account of the simmering outrage over the revelations among members of Congress, 89 of whom recently sent a letter to the White House demanding an explanation. (They're Democrats, so don't expect the White House to give them one). BTW, the story has yet to make a dent on TV or cable news, and there's little in the way of fulmination from other elements of the MSM.

Why isn't this a bigger story? Because for the American press, it's much easier to provide splashy coverage of the war, than it is to provide coherent analysis of it -- especially if that analysis might pique the Bush administration...
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