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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
The art of living Chenily
Vice President Dick Cheney crawled out of his burrow over the weekend to issue a series of presidential ... er, vice presidential ... proclamations.

When not predicting the end of the war by the end of George W. Bush's second term (after which, it seems to me, many, many bad things will come to an end), or speculating about the first lady's chances against Hillary Clinton in 2008, the underboss of the Bush political family insisted that inmates at our prison camp on Guantanamo Bay are treated well, and declared himself offended by the recent Amnesty International report that placed the U.S. right up there with human rights stalwarts like Iran and Saudi Arabia when it comes to the treatment of prisoners.

“Frankly, I was offended by it,” Cheney said in the videotaped interview. “For Amnesty International to suggest that somehow the United States is a violator of human rights, I frankly just don’t take them seriously.”

Yes, yes, that's right Mr. Cheney. The nerve of them. We Americans don't violate human rights at all. If you don't believe it, just ask this guy:

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