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Thursday, May 12, 2005
The Coulter effect
The Bush administration seems to be following a pattern familiar to anyone who knows about marketing: when you find something that sells, make more of it. In movies, that means sequel after laborious sequel. In soft drinks, that means extracted lime flavoring in every cola. In nominations to, well, just about everything, that means Ann Coulter.

Why? Because the rightest of the right wing love Ann Coulter. Sure, most of the rest of us find her repulsive (and eerily masculine for someone in such short skirts), but to "conservatives," she's Limbaugh without the drug habit -- ice cream without the sugar and carbs -- a wonderful treat whose better when she's worse, more wonderful when she's more awful, and best of all when she's getting pies thrown in her face.

So the White House, in its Rovian wisdom, has determined to populate its administration with a thousand little Ann Coulters: people the sane world loves to hate, but who make their base drool with delight every time they offend, outrage or just plain screw up.

Hence, we have one of history's most incompetant national security advisors elevated to secretary of state, to the impotent howls of anti-war Democrats ...

...we get the architect of the PNAC war in Iraq as head of the World Bank, with useless howls the world over proving utterly useless ...

...we have a spate of judges only an Inquisitor could love, whose nominations are fueled by the white-hot zeal of religous conservatives, and stoppered up only by the semi-potent rigidness of the party out of power ...

...and we have John Botlon, the most Coulteresque of Bush's second-term nominees. A man whose personal qualities most closely mirror those of Ghengis Khan, and whose desire to work at the United Nations -- an institution he clearly loathes -- would be perplexing if it weren't so darned Coulterkitsch. In other words, if he becomes the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., which is likely since the GOP moderates are generally a spineless, useless bunch of White House tagalongs, Bolton will spend the next three years jamming his boney fingers into the eye sockets of the world's diplomatic corps, making outrageous pronouncements that embarass the United States but delight the Dittoheads, and generally making an ass of himself.

And that may drive much of the sane world -- not to mention the Democrats -- to fits of eyeball-rolling insanity, but as Ann Coulter might say, that's what they get for fighting like girls.
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