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Friday, May 13, 2005
Damaged goods
International press plays on the tepid Bolton Senate vote make it clear: even if his nomination succeeds, Bolton will have a tough go at the U.N.:

Bush suffers blow on U.N. choice: "...this rare move by the committee is a slap in the face for a president who was re-elected just over six months ago, says the BBC's Matt Frei in Washington. Even if Mr Bolton's nomination is confirmed, he is likely to arrive at the UN as damaged goods..." [BBC]

Bush bruised by controversy: "Cast your mind back to 4 November last year. Flushed with victory, endorsed by more than 50% of American voters, Bush was back. And, boy were we going to know it. "I have earned political capital, and I intend to spend it," said the relaxed and confident president. Now fast forward to just a few days ago and note the change of tone as the president publicly begged to be allowed to send his nominee to the United Nations. John is a good man, he said almost plaintively." [BBC Americas]

Bush suffers blow on choice of U.N. envoy: "U.S. President George W. Bush was dealt a blow Thursday when a Senate committee refused to endorse his choice for the next ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton." [CBC News]

Setback for Bush's hawk: "The Bush administration had been counting on the 10 Republicans on the 18-member committee voting on party lines to endorse the nomination, paving the way for an expected rubber stamp in the full Senate. Now, however, the White House will have to flatter, browbeat and cajole the Republican caucus for its support or face the humiliating prospect of losing one of its most high-profile nominees." [Telegraph]

Senator lets fly at Bush’s hawk – but won’t ground him: "JOHN BOLTON scraped through his most critical test on the way to becoming American Ambassador to the United Nations yesterday amid high political drama. But President Bush’s controversial nominee was wounded in the process, casting further doubt about his credibility should he win final confirmation to the job. [Times of London]
(emphasis added)

Ironically, it's the liberal Guardian of London that carried the most benign headline:

Panel sends Bolton nomination to Senate: The Foreign Relations Committee voted 10-8 along party lines to advance Bolton's nomination without the customary recommendation that the Senate approve it. The procedural move spared Bush outright defeat in the Republican-led committee but still represented an embarrassing setback early in his second term.
Australia's Fox affiliated ran with an AFP wire that was short and to the point, with no detail and no specific mention of Voinovich:
Bolton nomination sent to Senate.
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