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Sunday, May 22, 2005
Dean's 8-minute mile
It took MTP's Tim Russert exactly 8 minutes to pivot from substantive issues to Howard Dean's flamboyant past comments about Tom Delay, and another ten minutes to go from important questions about the war in Iraq and Republican power grabs to Dean's past comments about "hating Republicans" and the "motes" in the eyes of Rush Limbaugh.

...This is why I'd rather watch Stephanopoulos...

That said, DNC Chairman Dean did a very good job parrying with Russert, and he remained firmly on message: Democrats are the party of individual liberty and reponsibility, Republicans are the party of power-mongering, intrusion and ethical chicanery. Dean also did a nice job handling the abortion issue, which I agree must be driven off center stage if Democrats are to have a prayer of winning future national elections.

The winger blogosphere will probably jump all over Dean's slight flub of the Bin Laden vs. Saddam 9/11 connection (Dean said the former had nothing to do with hitting the Twin Towers when he meant the latter, and Russert, true to form, took no steps to correct him), and look for the little green footballers to track down whether Dean ever did, in fact, seek to get a subordinate sacked for disagreeing with him, but overall, Dean gets a B+.

Ok, switching to ABC to listen to Fareed Zakaria ...
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