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Thursday, May 19, 2005
Do we have a deal?
CNN is reporting an apprent deal in the works between moderate Democrats and Republicans to end the Senate's "nuclear wnter" as the showdown over judicial nominees has come to be known. The deal would entail six Dems voting to let 5 of Bush's nominees through to the floor, in exchange for six Republicans voting "no" on the "nuclear option". Priscilla Owen would go through to a vote on the deal, assuming it's the real deal.

Tom Oliphant was on Franken this afternoon saying he's hearing that there is more widespread angst over the idea of abolishing the filibuster for judicial nominess than is being reported -- and that there are more than 12 members of the Senate who fear that "victory" would be almost meaningless on this issue. If Republicans were to go nuclear, the fear is that the institution of the Senate could be severely damaged for many years to come.

At the least, business would grind to a halt, and the Democrats could use the arcane procedures of the upper house to make legislative life a living hell for the majority. BTW, the next item that would be on the agenda: John Bolton.

Apparently, the White House pushed hard for Bill frist to dispose of the Bolton nomination first, but Frist declined, apparently putting his own dreamworld presidency ahead of the real one being conducted by George W. Bush...
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