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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Get me copy, boy!
Wouldn't it have been easier for the White House to just send Scott McClellan over to Newsweek as its new editor? Or perhaps the WH communications team could just fax in the magazine's copy for the week for printing and binding...

In the meantime, it seems Scott McClellan's puppeteers would like the offending mag's editors to book themselves immediately onto Arab television. Any other instructions for the magazine, Mr. McClellan? Heavier paper, perhaps? Or perhaps a nice, flattering portrait of President Bush sitting astride a papier machet globe emblazoned with a sash reading "Freedom for all!" Now THAT would be a nice touch...

Oh and on a related note, it seems the Powers That Be have effectively leaned on Dick Myers, that portrait in courage we call the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. Myers has now retracted his earlier statement that the riots in Pakistan and elsewhere were not caused by the Newsweek story. Now Myers says Newsweek caused the riots.
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