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Monday, May 09, 2005
If this is the future of the blogosphere...
...then shoot me now. Just took a belated gawk at conservative-turned ultra libaral talker Arianna Huffington's new gangblog, The Huffington Post. And, not to be a hater (okay, I'm probably hating, big time) but ...

Unfortunately, the blog -- sort of an "escape from Salon" maxi-forum -- encapsulates the worst aspects of liberalism: self-riteousness, predictability (think Walter Cronkite posing the woefully under-analyzed topic, "what to Democrats stand for?," political correctness and a maddening tendency to be boring (Tina Brown jumps off with a memorable ditty, with "10 things I learned on 'Topic A.'" Well I never watched 'Topic A' and wouldn't if the future of my immortal soul depended on it, so I'm supposed to click on that particular post, why...? Huffington attempts to spike the punch with a few conservative bloggers, including the original ironic Canadian, David Frum, Tony Blankley, John Fund and a top of the fold post by actor Larry David -- who blows our Democratic socks off by... endorsing John Bolton! But for the most part, the cast of characters reads like a John Kerry fundraiser (or a Friday episode of Hardball): Rob Reiner, Warren Beatty, David Geffen, Bobby Kennedy Jr. and, just for irony, Bill Maher.

It's not as if these folks aren't heard, ad nauseum in other forums... and the site doesn't have nearly the cheek factor of Drudge.

Sorry, Ms. Huffington, but I just have no interest in reading the daily musings of liberal celebrity know-it-alls and boring ultra-liberal ideologues. As for the conservatives, I can grab their thoughts just as easly from or OpinionJournal. Want them head to head? They'll be on MSNBC shortly, trust me. I think Slate hit it pretty squarely on the head in describing the site as a cross between virtual echo chamber and post-modern gladiator ring -- you know, the kind with all-intellectual jousting where the stands are populated by cocktail party pals and seat-fillers...
Do these people intend to engage? Is it even in their wheelhouse to debate? How will the Huff Post's liberal core react when its right-wing press contributors, such as Byron York and Tony Blankley, bring a hard one down on their snout? Hollywood liberals such as Aaron Sorkin and Laurie David rarely encounter sharp political disagreement inside the cocoons of their Hollywood salons, and when they do it's not generally with a practiced rhetorician. Or worse still, what sort of psychic meltdown awaits Huffingliberal Rob Reiner if he finds himself in a vicious intellectual rumble with liberal journalists he regards as fellow travelers, such as my friend David Corn of The Nation? When you're used to being patted on the back all the time, a devastating counterargument feels like a sucker punch. Does Huffington keep enough air kisses in stock to mend all the owies?

WaPo's Howard Kurtz (or more likely, his editor), cops the best headline on the new blog outfit: "Blogstyles of the rich and famous."

Buzzmachine is kind (he's on Arianna's blogroll, after all), but the commenters are brutal, and not to be missed.

UPDATE: Arianna sliced and diced on

First Day Tally

The Huffington Post's first day of blogging and whoa nelly I think we have just witnessed the next Talk, Brills Content, and George all rolled into one, or perhaps Ariana has just replaced Ashton Kutchner as the host of Punk'D by pulling off one of the biggest cons in history and exposing the left in all of its un-edited glory. Its almost like she’s our own little Agent Provocateur, Huffington unwittingly has accomplished in a mere day what the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has tried to do for years by allowing the Hollywood/Media left to reinforce nearly every stereotype and label ever tossed their way. So after a full day of "blogging" what did we have:

Lets do the math, today’s tally of posts as of 5:00PM PST, a review if you will:

Number of posts: 63
Number of posts by Conservative leaning commenter/celebrities (scratch the second one they don't exist): 3
Number of posts by Liberal Hollywood Power Elite/Moguls: 7
Number of posts by Liberal East Coast Pseudo-Intellectuals/People who the NY Times would have no problem quoting: 16
Number of posts by Vapid Hollywood Twats: 7
Number of posts about lefty pet causes (aka, Animals, Environment, Children, Healthcare, Gay Marriage etc); 17
Number of posts referencing Clichéd Red/Blue State Terminology: 8
Number of posts referencing How to fix the Democratic Party: 3
Number of posts referencing Crazy Activist Republican Judges/Congressmen/Pundits: 10
Number of posts by Celebrities dropping names of other Celebrities: 4
Number of posts regarding the Evils of Corporate America: 4
Number of posts about Iraqi Quagmire: 3
Number of posts by Dysfunctional Celebrity Couples Commenting on Tedious Pet Issues which the public generally ignores: 2
Number of posts Technical Illiterates: 3
Number of posts playing the Race Cards: 3
Number of posts with Shameless plugs: too many to count
Number of posts with very lame attempts at humor: 6
Number of posts alluding to the OMG GOP THEOCRACY/ IMPENDING INQUISITION: 3
Number of posts where Gay Men Seeking Food Advice: 1
Number of posts by history rewriting megalomaniacs: 4

Ouch! Brutal. Riddled with spelling and grammar snaffus, but brutal.
posted by JReid @ 11:38 PM  
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