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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
A is for Abstinence
Brazil has rejected U.S. AIDS money, because the Bush administration continues to insist on linking such funding to fundamentalist proselytizing.

The US development agency, USAid, had offered Brazil around $40m (£21m). But Brazil's top Aids official, Pedro Chequer, said the US' conservative approach to treating the disease would not help.

Correspondents say references to prostitution are likely to become a condition for all US Aids funding. Washington says it is important not to promote prostitution, and does not want any of its funds to be spent on treating prostitutes.

So you can have the money to try and stop the spread of AIDS, unless you plan to use the money to treat prostitutes, who have got to be among the leading vessels for the spread of the disease? That's almost as dumb as prohibiting the funds to be spent promoting condom use...! Oh... wait... they do that, too:
Much of the spending is being channelled to programmes that advocate abstinence, rather than condom use, and cannot be used for abortions or to treat prostitutes.
Exactly how does the U.S. want these funds spent? Holding "Love Waits" rallies at local churches?

In other news of the absurd, an Indian man has been sentenced to life in prison after his victim rejected the marriage proposal he made to her -- thinking it would reduce his jail time.
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