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Friday, May 27, 2005
The list
Beach reading for political junkies: Here are the Senators up for reelection in '06, by party, with highlights:

CA - Dianne Feinstein (D) - Key swing vote, probably safe in her seat.
CT - Joe Lieberman (D) - Lost that sub base, not to mention the Democratic one...
DE - Thomas Carper (D)
FL - Bill Nelson (D) - Probably the guy with the biggest RNC target on his back this side of Michael Moore, which is why you'll hear the phrase "I've voted to confirm 95 percent of the president's judges..." about a million times between now and November 20o6.
HI - Daniel K. Akaka (D) - Voted for Alaska drilling, which might not be popular in a state with plum offshore goodies of its own. Still, this is an RNC target state and the Dem party will likely fight hard for him.
MD - Paul Sarbanes (D) - Reform-minded guy, probably relatively safe in his seat.
MA - Teddy Kennedy (D) - Are you kidding? He got this seat for his 18th birthday.
MI - Debbie Stabenow (D) - Important because MI is always vulnerable to RNC poaching...
MN - Mark Dayton (D) - someday this seat could belong to Al Franken.
NE - Ben Nelson (D) - Key compromiser on the filibuster, conservative enough to hang on
NJ - Jon Corzine (D) - Jersey's always a target...
NM - Jeff Bingaman (D) - Just the kind of seat the Dems need to hold: a Western, purple one.
NY - Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) - The big dog in the presidential sweepstakes, wehether or not she signs a pledge to serve out her term
ND - Kent Conrad (D)
WV - Robert C. Byrd (D) - He's running, and his help with the filibuster paints a giant target on his back
WI - Herbert H. Kohl (D)

AZ - John Kyl (R) - See Jeff Bingaman above (swap Dems for Repubs)
IN - Richard Lugar (R) - vulnerable if the conservatives punish him in the primary for his accommodations on Bolton
ME - Olympia Snowe (R) - Ditto, for many more reasons
MS - Trent Lott (R) - He'll keep his seat, unless he commits a felony (or goes back on BET)
MO - Jim Talent (R)
MT - Conrad Burns (R)
NV - John Ensign (R)- See John Kul above
OH - Mike DeWine (R) - Filibuster compromise makes him a target for the primary
PA - Rick Santorum (R) - Taking him down would be a major Democrat coup, and he will get the DNC money mother lode thrown at him...
RI - Lincoln Chafee (R) - See earlier post
TN - Bill Frist (R) - His presidential chances may just have been nuked, but he's not running for reelection, so look for truly erratic behavior from here on out (if it quacks like a filibuster...)
TX - Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R) - That hair is awful, but she's probably safe.
UT - Orrin G. Hatch (R) - Could stem cell research take him down in the primaries? Even if that happens, the Republicans will hold this seat until the second coming.
VA - George Allen (R) - Is he the Republican Party's JFK, or just another Senator looking to graduate to the White House? The Republicans have far too many of these going into '08, just as the Democrats did in '04...
WY - Craig Thomas (R) - Diock Cheney would probably go door to door with brass knuckls on with this one. Luckily for the people of Wyoming, he doesn't have to.

VT - Jim M. Jeffords (Ind) - All bets are off on this one...
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