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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
On an entirely different note...
I love the New York Times op-ed section (especially Paul Krugman -- in my opinion the best in the business), but am I going to pay to read it? Nope. Just as a test, ask me how many times I've read Salon since my subscription ran out...? And the WSJ? OpinionJournal, yes. Shelling out for the dry side, nope. The NYT will eventually learn what the recording industry has: the unstoppable combination of technology and young people who know how to use it will always ensure the availability of free content. These blogs don't pay enough to make folk start paying for content -- hell, half the bloggers out there don't even pay for their bandwith! And as for regular readers, I suppose there's an audience out there for premium opinion and multimedia content, and the biz analysts obviously agree. It's an interesting experiment, but it won't drive links to MoDo.
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