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Thursday, May 26, 2005
Reality bites
OK, so spent Wednesday evening watching the two-hour "Lost" finale with "Idol" in picture-in-picture (and no, I'm not ashamed to admit that...) The former was definitely worth the larger screen, though there were few answers to be had (and no more Boone). Am I the only one who sees this show as "Gilligan's Island" with better looking people...?

Anyway, over at Fox, the lovely but stiff and staggeringly boring Carrie won "A.I.," but then I expected that, especially after Constantine bought the Betty farm. Carrie was slated (by Simon Cowell) to win the competition from the beginning, and she's just the sort of talent 19 Entertainment is looking to mold. She'll sell good numbers on at least her first two albums, and have a very respectable country-pop career. Good for her. Bo is, frankly, better off in the rock world NOT being the bubblegum "Idol" -- the tour alone is going to cut into his cool points. He's going to have to do about three "Free Birds" a day all through the summer as penance. (btw are these two an item, or what? They're awfully touchy-feely...)

Update: checking in with our friends at, I half expected to find despair, since the whole Scott Savol thing went so, so wrong, but instead, I found what I would characterize as self-riteous glee. Yeah, I think glee isn't too strong a word. In a nutshell, the site says their voters did have an impact (ergo Carrie was worse than Bo), and that since the show's outcome was clearly rigged in the country gal's favor (I won't go the V4 route and call her "the farmbot" but you've got to admit, it's a pretty damned funny nickname), it doesn't matter anyway.

The V4s cite a Sunday article in the Independent UK that carried the throw-away line that this year's "Idol" was won by Carrie Underwood. Only problem is, the article came out on Sunday. (Adding to the suspicious nature of things, the article by Jason Nisse is nowhere to be found on the Independent web-site, though I located this cached version on Google, and sure enough it contains the offending line.) The Worsters also claim that Carrie's already having recorded her single is further proof of wrongdoing, though they might look back at previous years -- the final two contestants always record their debut singles, and perform them in the final competition. During the first season, Justin and Kelly recorded the same song, with the winner getting to release it. Ruben and Clay recorded different singles, which they performed in the final showdown (I know, I know, I know way too much about this.)

Still, there does seem to have been an almost Bush-like inevitability to Carrie... Hang on ... reality shows aren't rigged!... are they...???
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