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Thursday, May 12, 2005
Tower trouble
Could the World Trade Center rebuild fiasco be the death knell for New York Gov. Pataki's presidential ambitions -- or even his reelection? The project has been a virtual comedy of errors, culminating in the selection of a Euro-weenie design (by Libeskind somethingerother) that isn't even up to security code, and a stubborn governor insisting on buiding a mishmash of a "Freedom Tower" that most New Yorkers apparently hate.

...which has led more than a few heads, including Donald Trump, the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Sun, the majority of New Yorkers and a host of others, to make a simple yet profound suggestion: Why not just rebuild the original Twin Towers?

If you've lived in New York or were born a New Yorker (I plead guilty to both), then you loved those damned towers, and the idea of replacing them with a seethru fluff building reminiscent of the creepy pyramid outside the Louvre (made creepier if you've read the Da Vinci code), is nothing short of repugnant.

If you want to stick it to the terrorists, put the old towers right back up, even taller maybe, but with structural and security improvements (I'm thinking a 100 story tube slight for express service to the ground floor in the event of an emergency...). Then add a beautiful memorial park and monument, and call it a day.

As the Post's Podhoretz (yeah, I'm shouting him out twice today) put it last week (and I rarely agree with anything on their editorial docket, but his one's on the money):
George Elmer Pataki is toast. Put a fork in him, because he's done. No politician can survive the sort of calamitous debacle over which Pataki has presided in and around the 16 acres of Ground Zero. No politician should survive it.

Or as MSNBC's Keith Olbermann blogged it today:

The “Freedom Tower” design wasn’t somebody trying to be disrespectful; it was just the unavoidable project of an architectural trend in which everything must look like somebody just built it with a kid’s erector set. The Hearst/Conde Nast building is just getting finished not far from my home, and it’s that same style: Attach Beam A to Side Support B, Tap Support B with a pen to make sure it sounds as tinny as it looks.

But it was wrong.

The best way - the only way - to further soothe the pain is, as the proponents including Donald Trump are suggesting, to rebuild it as it was. Which brings me to my caveat.

I’d use the original blueprints and design the “new” Trade Center exactly as it had
been. But I’d insist that one of the towers be exactly 229 feet, four inches shorter than the other. It’s an uncomplicated gimmick to guarantee remembrance. Because, as long as these new towers would stand, someone unaware would ask, “why is one of them shorter than the other?” Whereupon an old-timer could explain, solemnly, that the difference between the heights of the towers is intentional - it’s exactly 2,752 inches.

One inch for each of the victims.

Well said. And for a nice visual, check out this pictorial rendition of "Twin Towers II". There's also an online petition making the rounds. And last but not least, no WTC post would be complete without a Wikipedia history lesson on the original Towers.
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