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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
What Bush really, really wants:
To be loved. What else to conclude from his giddy reaction to the abnormally positive reaction he got this week while traveling in a foreign country? Usually, Bush is whisked around such countries in a phalanx of security vehicles and the streets depopulated, so he won't have to face the angry, anti-Bush and anti-war protesters. But in the Baltics, specifically in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, Bush was treated like a king, gifted with a freedom prize by young, pro-American president Saakashvili, and even breaking into an impromptu dance number. Bush's fans in the American press ate it up, and according to them, so did he and Laura.

Caption this photo:

"Now this more like it! Hey Karen - have McClellan set up some hero worship sessions like this for me at home in the states! With dancing girls! hehehe..."
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