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Thursday, May 05, 2005
Who's the dummy now?
Remember when George W. Bush was reelected, and British tabloids went wild with sneering derision over the stupidity of the American people (or at least half of them, anyway)? Well, polls indicate the Brits are about to reelect the other half of the lying on Iraq dynamic duo: Tony Blair, giving him an historic third term via a continued -- if reduced -- Labor majority in parliament.

Polls also show Britons no longer trust Blair. His majority in parliament is expected to be reduced, and Blair isn't even expected to serve out a full term. So what could be the justification for returning him to power? Perhaps the British public believes that a chastened Blair wouldn't dare pair up with Dubya for a second round of Mesopotamian adventures, while nobody really knows what the conservative Tories might do. Or maybe they're just exhausted by the whole bloody thing and willing to let Blair stay on, if only just to turture him for a few more years.

Either way, Blair will likely join Australia's John Howard, Italy's Berlusconi and Mr. Bush himself, in being handed a richly underserved governing mandate.

How could 60,441,457 people be so dumb?
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