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Friday, May 20, 2005
Worldwide Pants, take two...
I wonder if the right wing bloggers are going off on the New York Post and UK Sun (both Rupert Murdoch outfits) over their joint publication of the Saddam-in-his-undies photos? The photos, afterall, are causing outrage across the Muslim world, and, to paraphrase Scott McClellan, damaging our image as crusaders -- oops, I mean "freedom fighters" ... for democracy and humanity...

Nope. Powerline says "cry me a river" in response to the worldwide angst, and offers to serve on the jury if the tabloids really are sued by Saddam's lawyers.

...Michelle Malkin obsesses about Saddam's goodie bags of hair dye, "fluffy pillow" and exercise yard.

...As of 7:30 Friday, Lashawn Barber hadn't even gotten to the story -- still fulminating on Newseek ... and for some reason, Pepsi and CSI...

...The ballers at Little Green Footballs live up to the site title by positing this little gem of a theory:
This story may seem absurdly humorous, but it’s possible that the person(s) who leaked the pictures had a deadly serious intent—to affect Saddam Hussein’s trial by giving his defense a powerful technical argument.

Meanwhile, President Bush did his part to rescue America's image in the Muslim world:
"These people are motivated by a vision of the world that is backward and barbaric," Bush told reporters in the Oval Office where he met with the prime minister of Denmark, Anders Fogh Rasmussen.
Great job, Mr. President! Now just have Condi announce we're renaming Operation Iraqi Freedom as Operation Muhammad Sucks -- perhaps wearing a nice tight skirt and bikini top, in Kandahar -- and have her introduce Karen Hughes as her new lesbian lover at the presser, too ... maybe pull Tariq Aziz around naked on a leash while she's at it, and we're all set!
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