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Friday, June 17, 2005
Sideshow Mel does it again
Poor Mel Martinez. He just can't seem to get anything right. First, he loses a newspaper endorsement because of something stupid he says during the campain, then he does something stupid during the Terri Schiavo case, handing a "Get Nelson" memo over to Harry Reid, and then he questions the desirability of Gitmo, gets blasted by that guy Ann Coulter, only to take back his comments a few days later. I'll bet the Gentleman Florida sure is glad Duncan Hunter is in Congress, otherwise, he'd be the dimmest bulb there.
''I would not feel comfortable with them in Florida,'' he said in a brief interview on Wednesday afternoon when asked to clarify his remarks, ''nor would I feel comfortable with them being released, nor would I feel comfortable with a number of things. So once the debate takes place, maybe this is the best option. Public diplomacy may not be the overriding concern.''

You know, Senator, I don't think I feel comfortable with you in Florida.
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