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Thursday, July 21, 2005
The Roberts file
Update 2: One hand washes the other -- The Miami Herald has more on Roberts' input in Florida to help get Dubya into the White House during the 2000 recount.

Update: WaPo has the press roundup for today. Bottom line, with no discernible ideology, Roberts should be a lock for confirmation.

Original Post (7/21, 10:13 a.m.): NBC's First Read has a good roundup of all the newspaper backgrounders on Roberts, including the interesting note that he gave Jeb Bush legal advice during the 2000 recount:

In the aftermath of the disputed 2000 presidential election, Judge Roberts played a key, if quiet, role in the Florida recount. ... Although his name did not appear on the briefs, three sources who were personally aware of Judge Roberts' role said he gave Republican Gov. Jeb Bush critical advice on how the Florida Legislature could constitutionally name George W. Bush the winner at a time when Republicans feared that if the recount were to continue the courts might force a different choice.
Hm... that should light Moveon's hair on fire... Bottom line: Roberts is rich, he's white (sorry, Hispanics), he's conservative, he's a guy (sorry Laura, and apparently, sorry Sandra Day...), he's a Harvard man (go Crimson!) he's not too risky, and most important for Bush, he pushes Karl Rove and questions of Bush's honesty and integrity off the front page at a time when seriously damaging information is coming forth. BTW isn't it ironic that the most damning information so far about possible criminality in the Plame leak case comes, not from the Nation or Mother Jones, but from the Wall Street Journal...?

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