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Monday, August 01, 2005
Are we ready yet?
A British writer surmises that America is not yet ready for a woman president (namely, Hillary Clinton). I have to disagree, and believe that the key line in this otherwise downtrodden look at American culture, is this:

" is more than 20 years since the only time a woman has been put forward by a major political party in the presidential race: Geraldine Ferraro's failed vice-presidency bid in 1984. ..."

Who votes in America? Old people -- by the largest numbers and percentages, and with the most reliability. If you are, say, 60 years old, and a woman, and the last shot you had at electing a woman president was nearly 25 years ago (by 2008), would you take a chance on being around 25 years from now to get another chance? Older women will vote for Hillary.

Who doesn't bother to vote? Young people -- even last year, Generation iPod only accounted for 17 percent of the vote, same as in 2000. But if you're, say, 20 years old, and a woman, how cool would you think it is to elect a woman to the White House? You're too young to really remember Monicagate, and even if you do, so the hell what if the president was hooking up with that heifer? Young women will vote for Hillary.

And you know what? Liberals will vote for her too, even if it's kicking and screaming. And I'll bet more than a few GOP wives will lie to their husbands and vote for her too. Hillary Clinton has something going for her in the 2008 race: girl power. Women are sick of hearing that "America isn't ready." Hell, American women are ready (except the really creepy super-Christian stepford wives who get their news from Sean Hannity and spend signicant amounts of time praying for George W. Bush... they definitely are not ready...)

Given the shaky state of the real economy (the one lived by the middle class, not the low unemployment on paper and data-manipulated world of Wall Street), and the continuing mess in Iraq, Hillary would benefit from the return of the gender gap, which was so helpful to her husband. (And she'll benefit from having him as a campaign advisor). Besides, the Bush's have basically screwed up the entire damned world, so setting some things back to the way they were in the 1990s will have a certain appeal. On military issues, Hillary need only put Wes Clark on the ticket to add weight and depth.

The best shot the GOP has at taking her down is with John McCain, assuming they can slap down the Freepers and the religious extremists and get him through the primaries without Karl Rove push-calling voters about his "nigger daughter..."
posted by JReid @ 3:06 PM  
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