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Monday, August 08, 2005
The bad news Bush
There's no good news to be had for George W. inside today's CNN/USAT/Gallup poll:

- The percentage of voters who strongly disapprove of Bush's handling of his job as president has hit a four-year high of 38 percent ... strong approvers have hit a four-year low of 25 percent ...

- About the same percentage (51 percent) of respondents would like to see John G. Roberts confirmed for the Supreme Court as favored Ruth Bader Ginsberg's ascension in Jan 1993 (53 percent). One in five have no opinion whatsoever ... (Robert Bork's pro-confirmation percentage in August 1987 was a lowly 31 percent).

- 56 percent of those polled said the government should fund research using embryonic stem cells, 40 percent said it should not ...

- The percentage of Americans saying that sending troops to Iraq was a mistake has hit a high of 54 percent verus 44 percent who get their news from Sean Hannity. That's still below the 60 percent peak hit during the Vietnam war in January 1973 and well below the 74 percent who agreed with John Kerry in hindsight in 1990.

- Most Americans no longer believe the war was worth it (54 percent), most think it's going badly (56 percent) and a full third say we should pull our troops out post haste. Only about a third think the Iraq war has made the U.S. safer, while 48 percent say it has made the U.S. more vulnerable to terrorist attacks ...

- On the 2008 horse race, Rudy "I left my wife in San Francisco" Giuliani now leads John McCain among Republican registered voters by just 3 percentage points (and he's only got one in five voters' support), while Mrs. Bush (a/k/a Condoleezza Rice is coming on strong with 19 percent of registered GOPers on her side). Hillary trounces her field at 40 percent critical mass ...

- Very few Americans have given much thought to who they would support in 2008 ...

- But of those who are thinking, 68 percent consider Hillary C a "strong and decisive leader", 60 percent say she's likable, 54 percent say she cares and more say she's honest (53 percent) than say the president is ... Even more fascinating, 57 percent say Hillary would be very or somewhat effective in dealing with terrorism if she were elected president (and six in ten said divorcing Bill would have no impact on their willingness to vote for her) ...

- And in perhaps the worst news for Dubya of all, only 37 percent of respondents reported being fans of Major League Baseball. So much for that presidency-saving publicity stunt reacquiring Sammy Sosa for the Texas Rangers ...

Read the complete poll results here. And read the similarly dismal Newsweek poll here.
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