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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Hillary on the march
From the upcoming Newsweek:

Aug. 15, 2005 issue - When Republican guru Arthur Finkelstein launched a campaign in March to ruin Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential prospects, she appeared to be in for a Swift Boat Veterans-style thrashing. threatened to pull in millions to buy ads tagging her as a liberal. By mid-June, the group had produced its first radio spot and executive director Will Black was confident it would have the money to air it that month.

Ever the nimble fund-raiser, Clinton dispatched an e-mail to supporters: "You may have seen stories about these 'anti-Hillary' campaigns lately," she wrote. "And with your continued help... we will fight back... against the right wing attack machine."

Now, months later, that machine has yet to fire a shot. The Stop Her Now ad still hasn't run. The group reported a single contribution of $500 last quarter, which covers the period from its launch through June 30. It held off on the ad for strategic reasons, says Black. "The money was not gushing in because we did not go out and solicit it," he says. Still, the Web site urges believers to donate. "That is odd," says Larry Noble of the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, of the site's dismal performance. "That is not the sign of a potentially successful group."

If Stop Her Now is stalled, it's been a boon to the senator's efforts. After sounding the alarm, Clinton raised $6 million during the last quarter from all of her fund-raising efforts. (Her Marc Jacobs-designed T shirt is a big seller at $40 a pop.) ...
Question: how do you beat a candidate with Marc Jacobs in her pocket? Answer: you don't. Hillary Clinton, if she does choose to run, will have a better than good shot at winning the White House for three reasons:

1. Marketing: The Clintons are masters at it, and the Hillary brand by the time the '08 race gets underway will be as solidly identified with centrism and "21st century womanhood" as the name Clinton is ID'd with prosperity (and indiscipline). In fact, the more the hard left balks at Hillary's transformation, the more effective that transformation becomes. Americans are so over the 90s scandals, which look puny and silly in comparison with the war lies of the current administration, and many Republicans have even developed Clinton-hating fatigue. By the time she runs, the right with its SwiftBooks and Limbaugh blathering will have all-but run out of gas. Point: Hillary.

2. Name recognition: the poor relation of campaigns, almost always overlooked, but often more important than nearly every other factor. Hillary's hovers at around 100 percent. Point: Hillary.

3. Money: She'll have more of it than God.

Bottom line: Get ready for eight very long years, starting in January 2009, my right wing friends...
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