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Monday, September 26, 2005
The agony and the ecstasy
So long, Michael Moore: Cindy Sheehan is now the person most hated by the Right. Her arrest today in front of the White House thrust her right back into the headlines, where she literally needles the pro-Bush cultists into sanity-abandoning apoplexy (um, Mr. or Ms. Sweetness: the "lie" about more than 100,000 protesters showing up in D.C., to you side's 150, came not from Al-Jazeera's "brethren", but rather from the Capitol police...)

Besides the arrest, and the inconvenient reminders of just how many people oppose the neocon folly in Iraq, what's really biting the ankles in Pray for Dubyaland today this picture (at left) , soon to be known in FReeperland as "the smirk..." It just kills them to think she might be enjoying this...

...hey, hang on .... why does Ms. Sheehan seem to be enjoying this so much? Surely with all the sobering news about back-to-back monster hurricanes she realizes that her story isn't the only game in town, right? ... RIGHT...??? oh dear...

Media savvy tally: Cindy Sheehan 1, FReeperati - 1.5

Tags: , , Middle East, War, Media, Iraq War, Bush, camp casey.
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