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Friday, September 09, 2005
Good news, bad news from Moss Point
First the good news: The family of Toni Seawright (first Black woman to hold the Miss Mississippi title in the Miss America pageant series) are all fine and accounted for. I heard from Toni a couple of days ago. Her twin sister and another sister lost their homes in Moss Point and Escatawpa, but thankfully, they are all O.K. The bad news: the Moss Point/Escatawpa area is suffering terribly -- flooding, devastation, and a mostly Black population struggling just to get the essentials in (food, fresh water, clothing, etc.) Aid so far has been scarce, with most of it (such as it is -- this is FEMA in a non-election year, after all...) going to higher profile, higher income areas in Pascagoula and Biloxi.

If anyone is interested in helping the people of Moss Point (population 16,000) please log onto or and follow the links to the Tom Joyner Foundation. Joyner and Tavis Smiley have kicked their fundraising efforts into high gear to helpthe people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. They are raising money, mainly distributed to individual families who help out or take in Katrina survivors, and to area churches. Please check it out, and if you can, direct some aid to Moss Point. (Also, churches can log on to qualify for assistance which they can then distribute.)

The central point for aid in Moss Point is the First Missionary Baptist Church, and its Pastor, Rev. James Harris. You can send clothing (preferably new, especially children's clothing, food, diapers, toys, toiletries and anything else you can spare) to the church at 4600 Main St, Moss Point, Miss. 39563.

Thanks! I'm still waiting for updates on others who I was informed were missing and will post when I know more...

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