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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
The Jennifer Lopez rules for babies
Remember the stories a couple of years ago about J.Lo supposedly stipulating in her public appearance contracts that anyone not a member of her entourage was not to look her directly in the eye? Well, here's one for all the little British Jennies on the block:

Hospital defends baby cooing ban
11.49AM, Tue Sep 27 2005

A hospital has defended a ban on visitors cooing at other people's new-born babies for fear of trampling over the tots' human rights.

Some new mothers at Calderdale Royal Hospital, in Halifax, have been astonished by the new rules.

The hospital states that visitors must not ask questions about other patients' babies or look at them in maternity wards.

But managers at the hospital said the drive was a necessary measure to prevent visitors gawping at new-borns or quizzing the mother.

Staff in one of the wards have set up a display featuring a doll in a cot. A sign next to it says: "What makes you think I want to be looked at?"

Cards were handed out to visitors stating: "Respect my baby" and underneath, as if written by a baby, are the words: "My parents ask you to treat my personal space with consideration."

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