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Thursday, September 08, 2005
Losing it: CNN's Kyra Philips parts with her dignity
The White House's ... I mean CNN's ... Kyra Phillips

CNN's Kyra Phillips just put on a show unlike anything I've seen on television since that lunatic Zell Miller challenged MSNBC's Chris Mathews to a duel. Interviewing -- or rather, lecturing -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at around 2:50 this afternoon, Philips challenged the asertion that the Bush administration and FEMA are to blame for the "pathetic" (her word) Katrina aftermath. As she continued to harangue Pelosi, insisting that Congress, state and local officials should bear some of the blame for the failure to shore up Louisiana's infrastructure ahead of the storm, Philips seemed to come unglued -- she fired off GOP talking points with such ferocity, Ann Coulter surely must have felt a twinge up her boney spine and between her clanging shoulder blades.

Pelosi, fighting back, delivered her second knock-out punch against an administration member (or toadie) in as many days (her first ending with the word "dangerous"):

"If you want to make the case for the administration," said Pelosi, "you should get on the payroll."

Touchet. Kyra tried to fight back later, saying "with respect, no one at CNN is on the payroll of the White House or anybody else. ... we have been challenging every authority over this pathetic situation ..." (paraphrasing).

But Kyra, Nancy never said everyone at CNN was acting like they are on the Bush payroll -- she simply said that you are...

--Eagerly awaiting the CNN transcript and the inevitable Crooks and Liars video link...

Update: The video is in. (or try here)

P.S.: this isn't Kyra's first attempt to crawl into bed with her co-worker Daryn Kagan and her cuddle-bunny, Rush Limbaugh. Kyra is also the "journalist" who asserted on the air in July that there is "definitely a smear campaign going on" against Karl Rove (CJR version).

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