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Monday, October 31, 2005
Back in love again?
The reaction around the right wing portion of the blogosphere has, surprise surprise, being universally positive re the Alito nomination. But what's interesting, is that there's not much praise for Bush himself in the posts -- just a lot of venom against the boogeyman called "the left." Still, Bush has helped himself here, and like his chubby little friend Karl, has dodged a bullet using the world's oldest weapon: supine groveling and giving the bully all your lunch money -- and your allowance, too...

I think the guys at Confrimthem are actually having orgasms over this nomination. Kind of creepy, guys...

Could David Frum be any more nausea-inducing with his contrite entreaties to be returned to the bosom of the White Hosue, now that George has stopped playing presidential dress-up and done what he was told?

The Corner has run out of ingenuity now that they've gotten their way. It just isn't interesting anymore...

Powerline makes my point from the previous post: "We're about to get the fight over Constitutional principles that conservatives have looked forward to for years."

Michelle Malkin has no direct praise for Bush, but likes the fact that he picked a white guy. She would...

LaShawn Barber still sounds a big peevish ("Selecting an experienced, sitting judge for the Supreme Court instead of an inexperienced former employee…what a novel idea!...") satisfied, but peevish ...

Hugh Hewitt is all geared up to fight for his big daddy ... I mean his president ...

Score: pointy headed meanies: 1, Bush (and Hugh Hewitt), 0

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