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Thursday, October 20, 2005
Harris County Sheriff's Office/AP

Tom DeLay's people are in top form. Booked on money laundering charges in Texas today, the disgraced lawmaker/bad legislation arm twister followed what was likely excellent P.R. guidance by smiling and appearing fully sober and wide awake for his long-awaited mug shot. The smiling, bright-eyed pic is DeLay's best shot at not filtering to the top of the bad mugshot hall of fame, and denying the opposition the satisfaction of a wigged out looking pic...

Other looks one could try upon negative confrontations with the law:

Stoned, unstable, just glad to be noticed, kookoo, distracted, surprisingly normal, drunk off your ass, possibly homeless, confident in the surefire effectiveness of your one phone call, even happier to be noticed, glad to be somewhere other than at home playing Dungeons and Dragons (and secure in the knowledge that ultimately this won't matter at all), soiling your pants while mentally confronting the fact that you're not really a thug, but could soon be rooming with one ...

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