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Monday, October 03, 2005
Harriet Miers and the lesbian hair check
Okay, so nobody knows anything about Bush's Supreme Court nominee other than that she's a total Bush loyalist. That we know. But what really matters at the end of the day, is not whether she was, in fact, hired for a paltry $19,000 to help clean up Bush's National Guard records when he ran for Texas governor, or whether she's even qualified to sit on the Supreme Court (as opposed to being yet another Brownie-style crony hack) -- no, the really important questions is whether this check is a lesbian...

Item: Ms. Miers is 60 years old, yet like David Souter berfore her, has never been married and has no children -- not even a baby daddy situation ... Statistics show that only about 8 percent of American women fall into that category...

Item: Miers' only known paramour was a Texas Supreme Court justice named Nathan Hecht (who like her, and Laura Bush, hailed from Southern Methodist University...)

Item: Let's face it, that's one hellified lesbian hair-do she's sporting. Listen, I used to work for a woman with that hair-cut -- in fact, she and her girlfriend both had that hair-cut... Let's just take a look at others who are similarly coiffed:

Joan M. Garry, director, GLAAD

Kim Gandy, NOW

Del Martin and Phillys Lyon, first lesbian couple to marry in S.F.

Harriet Miers with George W. Bush
I hair critique, you decide...
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