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Monday, October 03, 2005
Shafty or crafty? Supreme Court edition
Why does the hard right continue to be surprised and disappointed by George W. Bush? Earth to righties, Dubya has what he wants. He doesn't need you anymore. Mr. Bush is a blue-blood, corporate conservative. He cares about tax cuts, privatizing Social Security and securing financial and career benefits for his friends and for members of his social class. Your issues are only useful to him at election time, and the last I heard, it's not election time for him...

On the other hand, Bush has chosen someone loyal to him personally, who he can probably count on to secure his legacy in terms of the war on terror -- an issue he actually does care about having staked his presidency on Iraq... And he has put up a nominee the Democrats will be hard pressed to oppose (which he hopes will help shore up his poll numbers).

Either way, this nomination, whether it's read as giving the right the shaft (again) or as a crafty political move, was all about George W. Bush and zero about the base.

Updates: David Frum calls the Miers nomination an unforced error... (I agree -- this was Bush's chance to set the left back on its heels and drown out the various corruption scandals in a knock down drag out fight between his reenergized base and the Dems... he blew it.

Bill Kristol is "disappointed, depressed and demorazlized..."
From above, Powerline is equally disappointed ...
Michelle Malkin is underwhelmed, and sums up the angst of other conservative bloggers...
NARAL, as usual, is a crushing bore...
Mary Katherine Ham waxes unenthusiastic at Wizbang...
Confirm Them is not feeling the love (but they are bringing back the "whoop de whoop"....
I'm not really sure where the Kos kids stand...
Talkleft sees another Michael Brown in the making...
Matt Singer of Left in the West says Miers is seen as sub-par all around...
FBI Hop says Miers "goes both ways" (ahem... politically ... )and sees potential conflicts of interest...
The Bay Area is Talking notes the right wing crankiness over the nomination...
The Swing State Project agrees with me: the knock here is cronyism, and that's a wrap...
John Podhoretz calls it straight-out dumb...

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