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Monday, October 10, 2005
Their own private Baghdad

The reaction to the Harriet Miers nomination from across the miniature Iraq that is the Republican Party (and its in-fighting provinces of fiscally conservative paleos, anti-immigration border watchers, religious fanatics, and neoconservative think-tankers) has been one of one big, collective "how dare you!" to the president. For now, the provinces are fighting the Miers insurgency as a united front, but eventally, they'll turn on the neocon Kurds...

Why? Because having pushed the president to gamble his legacy on their pet project in Iraq, and having lost, big time, the neocons have not only robbed this president of his political capital (not to mention stripping the American government of its reputation -- a disrobing the White House completed with its penchant for cronyism and stilted response to Katrina), they've robbed themselves of the power to pull the president's strings, produced a rebellion on Capitol Hill and --- proving that Karma is truly circular -- put their Iraq project in jeopardy.

Still, the neocons have become accustomed to having their way, after hijacking the tax-cutting agenda of the traditional conservatives in favor of a wildly Wilsonian foreign policy married to a Lyndon Johnsonesque social and economic policy that is an anathema to the other tribes. (Sorry, GOP, but that's who neoconservatives are -- they're Wilsonian Democrats who figured out that only the Republican Party had the arrogance to enact their agenda...) So is it any wonder the neocons are now so hell-bent on regaining control of George W. Bush's behavior? They've got to get him back in line before the other provinces turn on them, resulting in an Iraq-style political civil war. The Miers nomination in many ways signaled Bush's decision to retake control of his presidency and to make decisions on his own -- without the neocons and pointy headed intellectuals and without the religious right. He's reaping the whirlwind now, but in many ways, so are the think-tankers, who now find themselves in a desperate fight to implement the wishes of the religious right and with anti-neocon enemies like Pat Buchanan and George Will against the president they once programmed ...

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