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Friday, November 04, 2005
It's been a rough start to the Summit of the Americas for President Bush. First, tens of the thousands of peaceful protesters, fanned on by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and even a Latin American soccer star, and now, the not-so-peaceful protesters, complete with fires and smashed store windows. Not an auspicious start... The summit starts against the following backdrop: Bush's approval rating among Argentinian and Brazilian leaders, to take just two countries, is in the teens...

Update: MSNBC just reported that Cindy Sheehan was in Argentina today and had some participation in the (earlier peaceful) protests ... if that's true, what is she doing down there??? Will look for updates on this later...

Update 2: The Miami Herald had reported that Cindy Sheehan was slated to attend the protests. This juxtoposition won't help those seeking to push her toward political ambition:
Among the thousands of protesters expected were Maradona, now an outspoken supporter of Cuba's Fidel Castro. The Associated Press reported that Sheehan -- who became a symbol of U.S. opposition to the war in Iraq after her soldier son was killed there -- was also expected to join the street demonstrations.
USA Today columnist Richard Benedetto had more on Sheehan's "Stalking of the President" tour on Friday ... okay, that was mean --but is it just me, or is Ms. Sheehan becoming a more and more troubling figure every time I see her? Already, her presence on the speakers list alongside Chavez and Fidelisto former soccer star Diego Maradona has pro-Bush factions fuming... The plusses and minuses of globalization aside (and I'm becoming less and less fond of unrestricted free trade these days) Sheehan's ability to align herself with the most extreme elements on the left is becoming alarming. How did she produce a son who wanted to join the United States military? Casey Sheehan must have beent he Alex P. Keaton of the Sheehan household... Sheehan is right about the Iraq war, in my opinion, but I'm not sure anti-globalization is her bag.

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