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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Baghdad Bobbies
Why are there still so many on the Bush/neocon right who refuse to give up the ghost on the subject of Iraq's non-existent WMD? (They do exist, they do, THEY DO!!!) Even smart rightie bloggers like Jay Tea can't resist, but this time the Wizbanger has gone too far: quoting a new book from quack publisher Regnery that claims that -- get this -- Iraq's banned weapons were in fact found, but the MSM, and apparently the Bush administration, are too chicken to admit it.

The book is by Richard Miniter (Sourcewatch bio), a prolific former business journalist and fellow at the Centre for the New Europe, an Exxon-Mobil funded think tank mainly dedicated to debunking global warming, who since he switched to national security reportage has continued relentlessly in peddling the Iraq-9/11 connection fairy tale to pro-Bush bloggers in need of psychic uplift (and in this interview with the GOP's Crazy Uncle, Pat Robertson) ...

Crack is wack, my friends. Whitney said so.

So here, for all you true believers out there, is every known piece of published and non-published information on Iraq's supposed WMD and nuclear programs, including PDFs of the red hot Niger documents/forgeries. Read it link to link and cover to cover, and if you find one thing there that proves that Saddam Hussein actually had banned weapons when we invaded in the spring of 2003, I'll write a 600-word column and submit it to National Review, retracting every unkind word I've ever written about George W. Bush, the neoconservative movement, and Iraq.

... And I'll buy you three six-packs of Corona. The Iraq-WMD "meme" is bollucks, rubbish and otherwise not true. Don't take it from me: ask former CIA director George Tenet, or George W. Bush's weapons inspector, Iraq, Middle East, War, WMD, Foreign Policy
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