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Friday, November 11, 2005
Big Bill fights back
Former President Clinton defends his presidency at Hofstra U, and rightly slams the farce that was his impeachment over a sex scandal. Clinton asks, if infidelity is the key historical measure of leaders, than how many other leaders would you have to downgrade, Doug Brinkley?

From ThirdAge:
Infidelity affected the lives of David and Bathsheba in Biblical times, as well as those of Paris and Helen of Troy in ancient Greece. No less than four U.S. presidents--Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and most notoriously, Bill Clinton--have succumbed to its lure. So have civic leaders (Martin Luther King, Jr.) and royalty (Prince Charles and Princess Diana).
And let's not forget the allegations against former President Bush, whose more than a decade-long relationship with Jennifer Fitzgerald was rumored to be of the sexual kind...

Bottom line: the Republican Congress went after Clinton because they couldn't beat him the old fashioned way -- at the ballot box or in the public square. They hired a special counsel who would do anything to bring Clinton down, and wound up with nothing but a tawdry, half-assed affair with a chubby gal. For that, Clinton was impeached? Clinton is right to defend himself. The whole impeachment affair was a stain on the Congress, not the president.

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