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Thursday, November 03, 2005
The gulag's the thing
The CIA running secret prisons around the world, including in Europe and former republics of the old Soviet Union? Get outta here! WaPo put the story on page A1 yesterday, and since then, a string of denials have come from purported base-holders Slovakia and Thailand, plus eight other mostly European nations, but curiously, not from the U.S. or from the CIA, which supposedly operates such gulags -- including some housed in actual former Soviet gulags -- in Afghanistan, Gitmo and elsewhere. The EU and Red Cross will now investigate us, and our already stained human rights record. That's how far we've fallen, folks.

And for what? For Iraq? Hardly. We've further destabilized the neighborhood where Saddam Hussein used to be the big bully, and if the bloody mess that that disintegrating country has become is the future of freedom, allow me to live in the past, thanks. Have we captured Bin Laden? Nope. We supposedly have caught this guy (I guess it's off to the Polish gulag for Mr. Nasar...) and you know where he was found? In Iraq? Nope. In Afghanistan? No again. We found him in Pakistan, right where we also found an actual nuclear program, loads of dangerous Islamist extremists and an unelected, undemocratic government. All results that could have come without killing more than 2,000 of our own G.I.s in order to indulge the neocons' fantasies in Baghdad.

Thank you, Mr. President. It should be clear to you why your ratings are where they are. Enjoy your trip to South America.

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