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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Memogate II.1
Steve Clemens has the text of a letter sent from Al-Jazeera's managing director to Prime Minister Tony Blair regarding the Bush-bombing plot allegations. Is there any doubt that the following Clemens statement is true?

"Eventually, the memo will be made public, and it will add yet another few news cycles of attention to this matter and potentially implicate all of those who said that Bush said no such thing.
No doubt about that. And an alert TWN reader unearths an interesting development: According to a site called BlairWatch, there are likely two, not one, bombshell Jazeera memo, and the Blair government, despite the Prime Minister's denials, is clearly spooked about the possibility of their coming out in full.

We have had our suspicions (argued below) that the Times memo and the Mirror memo citing Bush's plans to bomb al-Jazeera are entirely different documents confirmed by Peter Kilfoyle MP, who has seen both documents.

He was naturally reticent, but when we aked Peter if the source for the Mirror article was related to the 'prosecution' of and Keogh and O'Connor over last years leak to the Times he said:

Wholly different sources.
The Times used 'official' leaks; the current document remains top secret - they are livid it is out.
We have also had it confirmed that Keogh and O'Connor are only facing one set of charges, over one document.
The folks at Blairwatch are building a list of bloggers willing to risk jail to publish the memos if, or more to the point, when, they leak.

The move was inspired by Boris Johnson, who was the first to take the leap. I don't think I can be prosecuted under Britain's Official Secrets Act, but hell, if someone were to pass me the memo, you'd better believe I'm putting it up....


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