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Thursday, December 08, 2005
The last sentimental thing I'll ever post

I happen to have been born on December 8th (sorry, not giving out the year...) and so I remember when John Lennon was shot, even though I was in elementary school at the time ... It was Monday Night Football night (I was a football fanatic...) and while I wasn't in the right generation to be a full-on Beatles fan, his death really shook me, not to mention absolutely wrecking my birthday (hey, I was a kid)... I used to learn Beatles songs in my piano class (the Beatles and Elton John were the only pop music my teacher would let me do, with the exception of "Bridge Over Troubled Water.") And of course, there was "Yellow Submarine" (which I didn't get at the time...)

Lennon was undoubtedly a genius. "Imagine" -- in my opinion -- is still one of the most subversive songs ever written (imagine there's no heaven? Imagine what Bill O'Reilly's or James Dobson's take on that lyric would be if it were written today...) And you can only imagine where he'd be situated on the war... What's most eerie about early death is the way it freezes a person into a kind of newsreel -- giving them a mythic quality that otherwise would simply have faded away as they aged (think Paul McCartney.) Lennon instantly attained that kind of immortality, like Bobby Kennedy and JFK (and JFK Jr.), Dr. King, James Dean and Marylin Monroe -- thanks to a psychotic guy named Mark David Chapman. Funny how that works.

Anyway, RIP John Lennon. You definitely made the most of your time.

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