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Monday, December 12, 2005
More on that Iraqi poll
More detail on the poll:

    • 76% Confident Elections Will Produce a Stable Government
    • 70% Want Iraq to Stay Unified; 57% Favor a Democracy
    • 71% Say Their Own Lives are Going Well
    • Just 44% Say Things are Good for Iraq, but 69% Expect Improvement
    • Half Think U.S. Invasion was Wrong; 65% Oppose Presence of U.S. Forces, but No Consensus on When U.S. Should Go
    • Just 18% Call Reconstruction Very Effective; 52% Call it Ineffective or Nonexistent
    • Confidence in Iraqi Army and Police is High
    • Vast and Growing Differences in Mainly Shiite vs. Mainly Sunni Provinces
Also, this "Iraqi initiative to end the occupation" purporting to come from something called the Iraqi National Resistance, is circulating in right wing circles. Read it and decide for yourself how authentic it is. The document calls for an agreement by the Americans to withdraw by a six month timetable in exchange for a ceasefire by the insurgents. It then calls for the UN to work with the resistence groups to agree on an interim prime minister. Then it calls for the Iraqi government to invite military forces from neighoring Arab countries to improve security. The October 15 constitution, which this document delcares illigitimate and resulting from a "rigged" process, would be scrapped.

So who is the Iraqi National Resistance? has info on a group calling itself the Iraqi National Islamic Resistance, of which it says the following:
The Iraqi National Islamic Resistance (1920 Revolution Brigades) was reported by Al-Zawra to have first emerged on July 16, 2003. The group's name is a reference to Iraq's history of fighting British colonialism. It is believed that their aim is to liberate Iraq from military and political occupation by foreigners and to establish a new Iraqi state grounded in Islamist beliefs.

The Iraqi National Islamic Resistance has claimed responsiblity for anti-American attacks, many of which primarily occur west of Baghdad. This region includes AbuGhurayb, Khan Dari, and Al-Fallujah. It has also been reported that the group has been involved in illegal activities in the governorates of Ninawa, Diyala, and Al-Anbar. The group released a statement on August 19, 2004 and claimed to have carried out an average of 10 operations a day. The group further claimed to be responsible for shooting down two helicopters in the first two weeks of August 2004.

In a statement to Al-Jazeera, the group implored Arab and Islamic countires to send troops to Iraq.
And there's plenty of information across the Web about the Iraqi resistance in general, which it is becoming increasingly clear is nationalistic -- not Qaida-centric -- in origin (another main group, the Iraqi National Foundation Conference, is particularly prolific. They liken themselves to the Palestinian PLO or the South African ANC). There is, of course, an added element of foreign jihadi terrorists of the Bin Laden mold (the Zarqawi forces) acting in concert with the resistence (but not necessarily for the same goals), but it seems logical that if our forces weren't there, these two elements would be more likely to turn on each other (that's the Murtha, Bob Baer, Larry Korb, General Odom theory, and it's much more plausible than the Cheney-Wolfowitz theory of an America-loving, democratic Iraq...)

More on the Iraqi National Islamic Resistance from Wikipedia (we can still trust them, right...?) including the claim that this is the group that held Lebanese-American Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun hostage for 19 days back in 2004. (He was later charged with desertion.)

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