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Thursday, December 29, 2005
Norah O'Donnell: Bush-bot
Add Norah O'Donnell's to the Bush-bot hall of fame ... Her performance as fill-in host on Hardball last night was one of the worst cases of presidential boosterism by a reporter that I've ever seen on television... not that she ever performs much differently. Hold on, MediaMatters, I think you've crowned the wrong Misinformer...

O'Donnell's shrieky interview with the author of a book claiming the U.S. had Osama bin Laden cornered and let him escape -- complete with a screaming demand to know if he is a Democrat (he's not -- he's a former CIA guy who was on the ground at Tora Bora while Tommy Franks was in Florida at CentCom...) was an embarrassment to MSNBC and NBC News. Isn't Nora the same chick who rode the Bush bus during the 2000 campaign and became Dubya's "favorite reporter?" Move over, Kyra, girl, Norah's trying to take your man...! (Photo credit: Norah hanging out with former White House Iraq flak Dan Senor and other pals at a swank party thrown by Washington Times social editor Kevin Chaffee at D.C.'s swank Harbor Club in the summer of 2002... Oh, and if you're wondering about Dan, he's now flacking for Fox News... More fun and fabulous pics of Norah and her pals here.)


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