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Monday, December 12, 2005
Quick take headlines 2
  • The EU was secretly in on the CIA renditions after all...
  • The State of Maine will trade with Cuba...
  • Richard Pryor was funny as hell. R.I.P. ...
  • Another MSM giant takes a stumble. This time Viveca Novak is on the spit for failing to inform her editors of her involvement in the CIA leak case, even as she continued to report on the case...
  • Two headlines the right will love today: Some Sunnis, including known insurgents, plan to vote this week... and a new poll finds unexpected optimism among Iraqis...
  • Prince Charles gets questioned about that letter from Princess Di alleging a plot to kill her, hatched by Charles...
  • Oh and guess who's having ethnic street riots now...? Oy!
  • More headlines are on the main Reid Report page so feel free to surf on over...
  • The Roberts Court will review Tom DeLay's 2003 Texas redistricting scheme...
  • In defense of "happy holidays..." Christmas and Hannukah both fall on December 25th this year. Take that, right wing Christmas warriors...!

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