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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Glenn Beck hired CNN. Don't know if that makes CNN News Group executive vice president Ken Jautz the "worst person in the world" as Keith Olbermann dubbed him last night, but I do doubt that the network that ditched Aaron Brown and extended AIPAC flak Wolf Blitzer's air-time (and which sports Kyra Phillips, Mrs. Rush Limbaugh -- Daryn Kagan, Andrea Koppel and Candy Crowley -- no offense to big girls but perhaps the most inappropriately named person in the world...) needs a conservative voice to "balance it out."

Mind you I listen to part of Glenn Beck's show almost every morning (sorry, I like Jerry Springer but there's only so much Air America I can take...) just to see what the other side is up to, and he's not always as bad as this. However, Beck can be surly, self-riteous (for a self-described reformed alcoholic "scum bag") and even downright mean-spirited, and his blank-slate defenses of the Bush administration are disturbing for a guy who appears to be pretty smart. But he's definitely not the worst thing CNN could have come up with. They could have gone with the fact-challenged, former Clarence Thomas Coke-can coquette and faux-Beverly Hillbilly Laura Ingraham, after all...

Then again, that's probably CNN's next "suck up to the right wing" move, and the network has already undermined what's left of its credibility by hiring Mr. Moroning in America himself: Bill Bennett. ... And is it any wonder that in its breathless chase for Fox News viewers, CNN looked at the radio ratings list and unable to hire number one -- Limbaugh -- having him and his main squeeze on the same payroll would be too sleazy even for CNN; and with number two -- the block-headed Hannity -- already taken, it went for the next guy down on the totem poll? Y'know what? Strike what I said before. CNN's newsgroup EVP is the worst person in the world...

Related: Media Matters urges readers to tell MSNBC to bring Chris Matthews back to reality.

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