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Thursday, January 05, 2006
Myers, you're doing one heck of a job...
Nice of Dubya to hook up failed (but Medal of Freedomed!) former Joint Chiefs chairman Dick Myers' niece and other cronies with recess appointments to jobs they're not even remotely qualified for. Some things never change...

Update: Reax in Bloggerville --

-- Malkin: the Myers appointment stinks ...
-- National Review's The Corner: it What a mad world it is when Malkin agrees with ...
-- Kos: Hear ye, Hear ye.... King George hath hereby dissolved the Congress...
-- Debbie Schlussel: unhappy New Year...
-- Religious Ron in Texas: Not quite losing his Bush religion, but not pleased ...
-- Digger at Digger's Realm is pissed (and he's got some helpful links on pest control and gardening...)

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