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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Thou shalt not covet (Canada)
Do you think it's true that the things we say we hate the most and the things we most covet are very often one and the same? If it is true, it would explain the American right's captivation with the giddy thought of "turning" Canada... (one they share with their Tory brethren in the UK...) So what hath Canada wrought? According to an analyst in the Toronto Star:
In their collective wisdom, Canadian voters struck a cautious balance between determination to separate the Liberals from power and concerns about what the Conservatives would do with it. The result is a surprisingly weak Stephen Harper Conservative minority government with an uncertain future.

Putting an end to 13 years of what often felt like one-party rule, Canadians streamed to the polls on an unusually mild winter day first to toss out tired and tainted Liberals and then to impose onerous conditions on the Conservatives and their 46-year-old leader.

They gave the Liberals and the resurgent NDP the strength to defeat this minority, a fascinating dynamic that pushes the Bloc Quebecois toward the sidelines and should make Canadians breathe easier about any real or imagined neo-conservative threat to social values.
I'm not sure whether that means the righties won or lost... But one thing's for sure -- call it aloneness in the increasingly leftist, Cuba and China-centric, anti-Bush hemisphere (or hell, the whole world except for Tony Blair...) or just an extreme case of right wing paranoia, but I think the conservatives are lonely, and trolling for an international friend...

It's all rather sweet, really...

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