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Friday, February 17, 2006
Harry Pepper

The man "peppered" with birdshot by Vice President Dick Cheney walked out of the hospital and spoke to reporters today (not just Brit Hume). Harry Whittington was heavily made up to try and cover the shooting scars covering his jaw and neck area, and he was incredibly gracious ... if a bit cryptic. He thanked the media and urged them to "keep it up..." hm... he apologized to the Cheneys for what they've been through, and he explained that "regardless of how experienced, careful and dedicated we are, accidents do and will happen – and that’s what happened last Friday..."... wait a minute... Friday???

And while the Houston Chronicle is reporting discrepancies between Cheney's account and the police report, Cheney is in the clear since the case is now closed. This despite the fact that the official diagram of the victim's injuries is wrong, the lodging of a pellet in Mr. Whittington's heart makes it damned unlikely that he and Cheney were really 30 yards apart, the spposed "eyewitness," Mrs. Armstrong, told reporters she only knew something was wrong when she saw Cheney's security detail running toward her and that when she saw them, she thought perhaps Cheney had had a heart attack ... there never was an investigation, nor a breathalyzer test despite the fact that Cheney has acknowledged drinking and, oh never mind, case closed!

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