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Monday, February 06, 2006
The spy hearings, take four
By way of background, keep in mind that while AG Gonzales has come before the Senate Intelligence committee today (though not under oath...) the administration has refused to hand over his and other legal opinions supposedly underpinning their FISA get-around...

Missed the Feinstein questions. I'll grab them from C-SPAN later, but in the meantime, Glenn Greenwald is liveblogging the hearings.

Wouldn't have mattered if I'd missed Jeff Sessions. He's basically doing Orrin Hatch redux, attempting to find instances of past presidential warrantless searches and eavesdropping going back to Woodrow Wilson (...putting aside the small point that there was no FISA law then... hm...) Sessions is the guy who went out into the bullpen during the first break and rolled out Deborah Burlingame, the token Bushie 9/11 widow... Also during that break, which C-SPAN is re-running now, the Dems played the tapes of Bush and Gonzales misleading the American public about their domestic spying, which they used to say involved warrants...

BTW who let the Pajamas Media "reporter" in the room? Paging Jeff Gannon/Guckert: You have been replaced...

Lunch break. The hearings will resume at 1:45 p.m.

Get the AP update here.

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