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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
The blog report: sticky fingers edition
TPM Cafe's witlist kicks Claude Allen when he's down:

... Allen resigned his $161,000-a-year job in the Bush White House last month, saying he wanted to spend more time shoplifting with his family. Among his other duties Allen led the White House's response to Hurricane Katrina, but his primary responsibility was letting the president be seen in public with a black person who wasn't Condoleeza Rice.
Click here for the Montgomery County police file...

Meanwhile, Crooks and Liars has all the machinations in the Russ Feingold vs. the Quizzling Democrats censure gambit. Bill Frist went from blocking a vote to calling for one, post-haste. The idea: get Democrats on the run (again), just as with the bait and switch pulled following Murtha's call to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq, and the media push-back from the NSA spying story. Of course, Democrats will instinctively shrink from the Feingold show of manliness. After all, they're Democrats...

A snippet from C&L, channeling TPM:
From Russ's camp: "He is introducing to censure President George W. Bush for authorizing an illegal domestic wiretapping program and then misleading Congress and the public about its existence and legality. Feingold says the resolution is a responsible step for Congress to take in response to the President's undermining of the separation of powers and ignoring the rule of law."

Arlen Specter responds: TPM
"It was coming to this. Responding to Sen. Feingold, Sen. Specter is now arguing on the floor of the senate that FISA is unconstitutional. Ergo, President Bush couldn't have been violating the law becuase it's not valid law.

Quite a way for Specter to end his career."
Criticism of Democratic quizzling on all things Bush is findable at the Huffpo here and here.

On the right, conservative mag Insight continues to bring the scoops. This time, the news is that for GWB, it's all about Iraq.

President Bush has decided to stay out of the lion's share of decisions made by his administration.

Sources close to the administration said that over the last year, Mr. Bush has chosen to focus on two issues, leaving the rest to be decided by Cabinet members and senior aides. They said the issues are Iraq and the Republican congressional campaign in the 2006 elections.

"Lots of important issues that deal with national security are never brought to the president because he doesn't want to deal with them," a source familiar with the White House said. "In some cases, this has resulted in chaos."

The White House has acknowledged that Mr. Bush was not informed of the administration’s decision to approve a $6.85 billion takeover by the United Arab Emirates of a British firm that operates at least six major ports in the United States. The decision triggered a public firestorm and strong bipartisan opposition on Capitol Hill. This prompted the Dubai-owned company last week to bail on its bid to operate terminals in U.S. ports.

Vice President Dick Cheney also was not informed of the approval of the port takeover by the state-owned Dubai Ports World. The process was administered by the Treasury Department-aligned Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), which sparked opposition from most of the Republican leadership in Congress.

"My take on this is that the president relied on his CFIUS board, this Committee on Foreign Investment; that they did a superficial scrub on this," House Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter said on March 7.
And from the Freepers, a tip on who might replace Kathy Harris as Bill Nelson's Senate opponent...
Tom Rooney, a grandson of the late Steelers patriarch Art Rooney, is considering a run for the U.S. Senate in Florida.

Mr. Rooney, a lawyer who is chief executive of an orphanage, said yesterday that senior Florida Republicans had urged him to consider running for the nomination to challenge Sen. Bill Nelson, the incumbent Democrat. He said he expected to make a decision within 10 days.

"I would not get in this race to be an also-ran," said Mr. Rooney, 35, who is president of the Palm Beach County Republican Party. "The only way I would get into this race would be to win."
And Malkin recycles the Drudge bomblet that the Plame leaker may be Dick Armitage...
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