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Sunday, March 05, 2006
Did you know?
...that the Homeland Security operations chief resigned last week? This paragraph is tucked into a Newsweek article on Houston's Katrina fatigue:
Late last week retired Marine Corps Brigadier Gen. Matthew Broderick resigned his post as Homeland Security's operations chief amid accumulating evidence that the command post he directed as Katrina hit misjudged the early damage to New Orleans. (Homeland Security said Broderick left to "spend more time with his family.")
(More on Broderick here.) Twenty bucks says his boss, HSD Michael Chertoff, is "spending more time with his family" within a week, just like Brownie wants him to be ... (Sending him out to do stuff like this, given the way the base feels, isn't a good sign for his longevity.)

And on the subject of Katrina, wanna know how big contractors are getting around immigration laws and hiring illegal migrants to clean up New Orleans? This is how.

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